Tip 1

You will a greater chance of experiencing affiliate marketing success if you choose a niche in which you have an interest or have some knowledge about.


You will make your life so much easier because:

* You know your target market already
* You know where they can be found on the internet
* You know what their problems are already
* You know the words they are using to search for information on the niche topic

I can illustrate this further by giving you an example of the niche market of building model trains.

Consider the situation in which you choose to use this topic as your niche because you already have this as your hobby. You will not need to do much research as you already have a great deal of knowledge about this topic.

You can immediately jump in and monetize your knowledge to create a business online. You may want to choose a problem that you are facing in building model trains to focus on and create a product to solve it.

Anyone who chooses this as their niche but does not have the knowledge of the topic would have to do a great deal of work to familiarize themselves with the topic of building model trains.

If you do not have an interest in a niche market it may be that you will become frustrated and bored and are therefore more likely to abandon the whole idea of having an online business.

As you are building an online affiliate business in this niche topic area to serve others you may even get people emailing you with questions on their model train building issues. You will feel uncomfortable when you struggle to find the answers for them if you have no working knowledge of this topic.

My tip therefore is to choose a niche market that you know well or have an interest in.

Tip 2

Once you have chosen a niche market that you have knowledge of and are therefore familiar with be careful to serve the needs of your niche market and not what you yourself know the most about.

There is a tendency to go off on a tangent and talk about something we are familiar with in a certain niche – but it may not be what your target market is needing.

Even though you may know the topic well, you still need to research the exact intracacies that your target market are looking for. Address those specifics head on so that you will have people buying what you are offering and pleased with the services your company provides.

Tip 3

There is a tendency to think that some topic in your niche market may be too basic and you assume that everyone knows about it.

As you are familiar with the topic it is easy to assume people already know about the basics in your niche topic. Always start with the fundamentals of your topic and you will be able to serve the best sub niche in your topic first – which are the beginners.

If you are looking to build an affiliate business online take some time to do your research well when choosing a niche market, and use these three tips for success.

Finding A Niche Market – 3 Tips For Success